Team Member Handbook Acknowledgment

I, , an Employee/Team Member of Vacanza Stays, have received my copy of the Vacanza Stays Team Member Handbook. I understand that the policies, benefits, practices and procedures contained in this Team Member Handbook and those that may be issued from time to time, are not a contract of any kind. I understand that my employment is at-will and that both the Company and I have the right to terminate the employment relationship with or without notice and with or without cause at any time.

I have read and will follow the policies described in the handbook. I understand that violation of any of Vacanza Stays’s written or unwritten rules, personnel policies or practices may result in my immediate discharge. I understand that the Company has the right to change, interpret and/or cancel any of its published or unpublished personnel policies or practices at any time without advance notice. Because these policies may change from time to time, I have been instructed to check with my supervisor and/or an Executive Team Member if I have a specific question about any policy or practice.

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