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No Security Deposit

Dwelling Damage

Contents Damage & Theft

Bodily Injury

Guest Screening

Learn More About the Guest Savings and Owner Benefits.

Featured Properties

Featured Luxury Vacation Rentals

All of our vacation rentals are stunning and embodies the beauty of the Palm Springs, San Bernardino Mountains, Bakersfield and Phoenix areas.

Concierge Services

Pack Your Bags, We’ll Do the Rest!

Concierge service is just a few clicks away with our new partnership with key Concierge. Browse the options to customize your perfect vacation!

Things To Do

Things to Do

Our area has so many options when it comes to filling up a visit! Check out our lists regarding activities, places to eat and events to base your visit dates around!

Property Management

Property Management

Local management is the best management! With folks able to tend to your investment property available within the local area at any time, we’ll be prepared to help with any emergency and check on your property regularly if needed.

Real Estate

More information coming soon!


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