Your vacation should be designed to give you the maximum rest and relaxation without putting in effort and stress. There is nothing worse than spending your vacation doing things that make you angry, annoyed, or unhappy. Ensure your R&R at one of our Palm Springs and Phoenix rentals with a private spa.
Vacation Rentals with Private Spa
You can be hard pressed to find a public hot tub that is not crowded, clean, or relaxing. Going to a health and wellness center can be nice, but they are expensive and driving to and from a spa can ruin the immersion.

Enjoy a fully private, clean, and relaxing spa/hot tub in the safety of your own backyard when you stay at one of these private home rentals with a spa/hot tub. Ignore traffic and unwind next to a pool with your favorite drink and your favorite people (or lack thereof!) at one of 50+ locations in Palm Springs, CA and Phoenix, AZ.

In addition to a private spa/hot tub, you can expect all of our vacation rentals to offer concierge services to upgrade your vacation into the experience of a lifetime. Whether you want to add pre-arrival grocery delivery, poolside catering, or a personalized yoga session, our team is ready to make sure that your trip is the best it can possibly be by taking the work out of your next vacation.

Looking for an unique experience? All of our properties are different and feature wildly different designs, layouts, and additional amenities. Learn more about our spatastic properties below!