Vacationing with a Pet

Bring the entire family! Vacanza Stays offers many pet-friendly vacation rentals to select from. There is so much to do with your dog when visiting. There are many dog-friendly activities and many restaurants with outdoor seating that are happy to have your furry friend join you. Make sure to keep your dog well-hydrated and cool with plenty of water and shade. The strong summer sun makes for very hot pavement, so providing shade is very important and morning and evening walks are best. Coming during peak season? It is a beautiful time and the temperature is perfect to spend outside with your dog! Also, be sure to read the rules and tips below. Above all else, please have a dog-gone good time!

Leash Laws

City laws require all pets to be leashed when walking in public spaces – parks, squares, businesses, and residential areas.

Barking Dogs

Barking dogs that disturb neighbors will receive a fine. A noise ordinance is in place, and fines start at a minimum fine of $1,000. If you leave your pet for an extended period of time in your rental property, you must leave it in its’ crate to keep it from damaging the property and/or barking.

Dog Cleanup

Please pick up after your dog. Keeping our properties, community parks, and trails clean is a plus.