How to Experience New Years in Palm Springs

There is never a bad time to visit Palm Springs, and New Year’s Eve is no exception to that rule. Whether you enjoy live music, a fancy dinner, or a night out in the casino, there is everything and more to do for New Years in Palm Springs, California! Read our blog for all of our favorite Palm Springs NYE traditions old and new!

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The Best Way to Ring in the New Years in Palm Springs

Best Concerts and Live Music for New Years

Palm Springs is famous for live music events like Coachella, and New Year’s Eve always attracts big-name artists and bands to perform. The Acrisure Arena (11,000+ capacity) is an excellent place to spend your New Years’ eve with thousands of others listening to live music in the brand-new arena.

If a smaller crowd is more your scene, greet the New Year with some smooth jazz at The Purple Room!

A Great New Years’ Eve Dinner in Palm Springs

Traditionally a New Years’ Eve dinner is a fancy affair replete with a nice steak, some champagne, and possibly a cigar afterward to set the tone for the new year. Make a New Years’ Eve reservation for a dinner at Vicky’s of Sante Fe in their main dining room or in the lounge. Vicky’s offers their regular dinner menu and party favors with service at 5, 7:30, and 10pm.

Or visit Morgan’s on the Desert for a curated NYE menu with three courses to speak to any palate.

Other Celebrations for New Year’s Eve

If the swankiness of a night in the casino appeals to you, visit Fantasy Springs Resort Casino for a free night of live music, party favors, and all the typical entrapments of the casino.

Prefer to escape society and experience a moment of quiet contemplation for New Years? The stark, often described “alien” environment of Joshua Tree National Park offers a welcome escape to camp out under the stars for New Years!

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