4 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel

Despite the rise of vacation rentals over the past decade, many people have questioned whether vacation rentals are truly worth staying in over a hotel at a similar price point. Here are four reasons why we would choose a vacation rental vs a hotel and why we think you will too!

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4 Reasons to Pick a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel

More flexibility and Space

While hotels are great for a few days, they often can feel more like a confined space than a fun homebase for your vacation. For family with furry friends who desire a big, fenced in yard, or a lot of kids and extended family who need more space, a daisy chain of hotel rooms simply will not cut it.

Better Amenities and Options

Hotels are great at offering you simplicity, but usually at a cost of options. Not many hotels can offer the wide range of fun extras and gorgeous architecture that a vacation rental property can! From outdoor saunas to your own private pickleball court, you will be hard pressed to find a diversity of amenities at a hotel.

Save Money With a Group

While a good vacation rental home might cost more than a hotel, you will save money by splitting costs in a group. Bring the entire family, work party, or friend group under one roof at a vacation rental vs a hotel where you might have to spread out everyone over several rooms or even different hotels! The ability to save as a group is unbeatable with a vacation rental.

Enjoy Privacy

If you are not a fan of being bothered, enjoy the privacy of your own vacation rental. Hotel rooms come with crowded corridors, noisy elevators, and the occasional noisy neighbor which even a call to the front desk cannot always fix. Skip the annoyance and set your own atmosphere at a private vacation rental.

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